Kinetic Revolutions was launched as the result of years of informal discussions about patient care and the impact of insufficient tools on the practitioner’s ability to spend quality time with each patient. We finally reached the tipping point in the Fall of 2009, at which time our list of solutions had too much potential to ignore. The ink was drying on the formation paperwork in January of 2010 and our first product, the Adjustable Pylon, was released in June 2010.

Currently, we continue to add to our list of ideas and keep our design and development pipeline busy.


MacDonald Heebner IV

“I want to enable the care provider to spend more quality time with each patient by providing time saving tools and product enhancements. I want to provide product capabilities that enable each patient to reach their goals.”

Jeffrey M. Brandt

“I wanted to create an outlet to develop technical solutions for patient care ‘problems’ I’ve seen over the course of my 22 years in the O&P industry.”